Promoting welbeing of the communities through charitable donations of funds,time and shared resources.



In our circumstances, we may not be rich, but we empathize with those in need and do what we can at our disposal to voluntarily give the needy.


As we serve and reach out to help, we may encounter pain or adversity, sometimes frustrating our determination but we always maintain courage and remain firm on focus to perform.


In our endeavor to help, we keep our journey strongly on course by professing unshaken belief that we shall achieve.


In our everyday dealings, we act without hypocrisy, deceit, or any form of pretense as we interact among ourselves and with the community that we serve.


We act with utmost desire and high expectation of a positive outcome in the communities we serve and continue to enthusiastically shine rays of hope among them.


Our virtue of sharing is three faced. We give a portion of our valued time to the community; put ourselves in their shoes, hence sharing their feelings of unhappiness and finally we share our knowledge to help them reduce their ignorance.

  • 75% Regular subscriptions from members of the Cosmopolitan Rays of Hope.
  • 10% From our established income generating activities.
  • 5% From well-wishers across the world who donate to our projects.
  • 10% Time donations from our rich team of multi professionals including Nurses, doctors, teachers, security experts, legal experts, transport experts, IT experts, human resource experts, financial experts, sportsmen and women, farmers, politicians, Spiritual experts among others. This team participate in activities related to their professional expertise and in the end, they SHINE RAYS OF HOPE IN THE COMMUNITY
Since 2010

We have been in the charity world since 2010. Ever growing vibrant, innovative, and extensive as we carry out our missions in a well-structured and sustainable approach. We have learnt to be prompt in times of crises, innovative in times of pandemics, consistent in times of endemic situations and collaborative in times of calls for backup from our neighbors.


We encompass several works of mercy to shine rays of hope. We periodically contribute to sharing food with the hungry, especially in poor settlement schemes where we also buy and share clothing with them. We visit the sick and conduct outreach medical camps to reach out to the people with disability; rehabilitate those with drug abuse; supplement those in hospitals with additional necessities for daily living; support underprivileged mothers in childbearing age groups; support the old especially those at risk of abuse and neglect and actively participate to offer free services in mass accidents and disasters. We do support prisoners by interacting with them to give them hope and support their rehabilitation by promoting talents in their settings. We conduct health education among our target populations through regular programs.

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